New year’s resolutions!

Happy new year… I’m sure I’m not the only one that is feeling tired today.  After a night of partying with friends and the kids it’s feels like it’s the longest day EVER. A fab night was had by all but I’m now sitting here wishing the kids bedtime to hurry up so I can go to bed too. We’re nearly there, aren’t we?

New year is always a time for reflection and a time to think about plans for the future. I don’t make new year’s resolutions as such but I do try to think of a few things that I’d like to achieve.  This year I am kicking the year off with a half marathon on the 22nd January. I also have plans to travel. Unfortunately not travelling around the world for weeks on end but at least a visit to a place that I have always wanted to go to rather than the cheapest package deal we can find in the outrageously expensive school holidays.

Out of interest I asked my boys about their new year’s resolutions. Bam’s response was to eat more chocolate. Good call Bam, life’s definitely better with chocolate. I did have a chuckle that while most people in the world are making promises to eat less, his is to eat more! He then followed up with ‘and I want to help people, more than I already do’. That’s my boy, he has a very kind heart.

Mops’ new year’s resolution is to go to more water parks (random!) and to have more money. Apparently he wants ‘better stuff’. I wonder what ‘better stuff’ means to a five year old?

Whether you make new years resolutions or not, I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017! Is it bedtime yet…..zzzzzz!

Christmas: from a Mum’s perspective

At the end of November my family gave to me…a few days of internet searching for Black Friday deals for thee!

At the beginning of December my family gave to me….A few evenings of card writing glee!

On the 2nd week of December my family gave to me…A minor panic as I realised the Christmas Supermarket delivery slots were no longer free!

Also on the 2nd week of December my family gave to me….A Mums nights out or maybe three!

Also on the 2nd week of December my family gave to me….a nativity concert, a reindeer run and a carol concert to see!

Also on the 2nd week of December my family gave to me….decoration (firstly by the kids, then Mummy) of the Christmas tree!

On the 3rd week of December my family gave to me….Wrapping (what feels like) hundreds of presents for all of my family to receive!

Also on the 3rd week of December my family gave to me….A stinking cold for thee!

On the 25th December my family gave to me….children smiling, laughing and squealing with delight – what every Mum wants to see!

Now please somebody bring me a large cup of tea!!

Christmas comes early!

Christmas causes excitement in every house. In our house, it means Bam’s ADHD is heightened. He has even more energy and is extra, extra bouncy!

So I know I need to be prepared. Do I really need to prepare for it in October though? Sadly, it would appear that I do!

Following a family stroll at the weekend we took the boys for a drink and cake at our local garden centre. We took a stroll around the centre afterwards. Hubby and Mops ventured off to the toilet leaving Bam and I looking at the fish.

It was then that he started bouncing around like an excited puppy. ‘Mum, Mum, there’s Christmas stuff in there! I can see a light twinkling’ I was totally unprepared for this, we have only just entered Autumn – Christmas had only been a fleeting thought in my mind, nothing more.  Noooo, it can’t be, it’s the 1st October! Noooooo!

Sure enough, I glanced into the shop to see the smallest twinkling light shining through the corner of a window. The boy’s Christmas radar was on fire!!

‘Come on Mum, let’s go and have a look?’ Before I had a chance to reply, he was gone in a flash, full of energy and squeals!

As I ran through the sliding doors in an attempt to catch up with him I could see he was right….indeed the shop was full of Santa, Rudolph, snowmen etc, all staring at me with a smug cheery smile.

Bam was running through the shop, cuddling big polar bears, picking up Santas and diving into an igloo full of yet more Santas and more snowmen. All the time with a beaming smile from ear to ear!

Uh oh, Christmas 2016 here we come…in October!

Any tips on  managing the excitement over the Christmas period? All tips gratefully received!

Back 2 School!

Fun days out (even time at the beach) are now very much behind us and back to school preparation has descended upon our household! School shoes that have seen better days and PE kit t-shirts that were once white now a mud-stained mess will be replaced. School uniform that has been sitting waiting to be labelled since the start of the last term might finally get a label on it! Oh and not forgetting the end of the holidays hunt for the school reading and library books!

I know I have had two weeks to complete all of these tasks but somehow the time has just slipped away, leaving me rushing around at the last minute worrying about getting it all done! I’m sure I’m in good company though, right?!

As I’m running around getting the last minute tasks done I’m reminded of a conversation I had with Mops in the first couple of days of the holidays. We were in the car and he said ‘Mum, I’m not sure holidays from school is a good idea?!’ Hmmm, where is this going?! All children love school holidays, don’t they? So I replied ‘Why’s that then?! ‘ ‘Well I’m going to forget how to do my ‘j’s’ At the time I thought how cute is that!

Now, as I’m rushing around worrying about the return to school, work etc I’m wondering what the boys worries are?! Will Mops have remembered how to do his ‘j’s’? Is that going to bother him tomorrow or will he just stroll in to school not even giving it a second thought?

Who knows, we’ll see what tomorrow brings! Meanwhile, good luck to all those parents out there that are going to be battling the shops today for those last minute school necessities!  Have a good first day back! Oh and Mops I can’t wait to see all your ‘j’s’ xxx

Santa, we’re ready for you!

The festivities are well and truly upon us! I can safely say that our house is full to bursting with excitement. In fact it’s so exciting it’s almost a little bit uncontrollable!

As the environment changes around us from grey skies and leaves falling off trees to one filled with Christmas trees, flashing lights and mince pies, Bam’s excitement levels reach an all time high.

I’ve been here before, we know it’s coming! This year I decided to be a little bit more organised so I could embrace Christmas with him and not fall into the trap of having loads to do while his energy levels are so high –  well I tried and I still am trying!  Christmas presents have been bought, cards are bought and some have been written, the tree is up and I’m almost on top of everything school and club Christmas related! There’s constantly a carol service, Christmas play even a Christmas sing along!! When I say on top of this, it’s definitely a one day at a time thing, anything more than that then there is a serious chance it could all get a little bit messy!

So in my attempt to embrace Christmas, I thought I’d try and keep up with Bam’s excitement levels! So…..

…….when he walked into the town centre in November, saw the Christmas lights and started leaping around in a twirling motion – I expressed how exciting it was and how Christmas is on its way!

……When I caught Bam saying ‘I love Christmas’ in an excited whisper to himself, I smiled.

….When I caught him watching TV at 3.30am in the morning in the lounge because he was too excited to sleep, I gently coaxed him back to bed! On the plus side he was very well informed about the world news and weather – I guess there isn’t anything else on the TV at the time in the morning?!

……And when I saw the excitement literally attempting to burst out of him when we put the Christmas tree up, I looked at my husband and giggled!

Everyday the excitement is building, I’m trying to keep up with his constant bubble of energy! With two weeks to go, I feel like my energy levels are declining but I’m determined….there’s always boxing day for snoozing!


A time for reflection

It’s on its way…. we’re all starting to turn our focus to Christmas. It’s such a magical time but also a time we find ourselves taking a moment to reflect on the past year.

I would like to thank Young Epilepsy for their support. They have supported lots of young people with epilepsy this year in many different ways. Check out what they have been up to on their lovely snowy, Christmassy page…

Here’s my fellas looking for a certain man dressed in red…I wonder what they’re wishing for….


Exciting times!

When you are eight years old…

Life is exciting….

Life is fun….

Life is full of boundless opportunities….

That’s the way it should be, that’s what childhood is all about. I remember coming to the realisation in my teens that the world may not be as kind as I had originally thought. As your general awareness grows your perception of the world and the people in it changes. That’s why we often long to relive our childhood. We all want to be free from worry, to be care free.

When you have ADHD the world is even more exciting than it may be for a child of a similar age – in his eyes he’s invincible, he lives in the moment.

So this weekend we have had lots of excitement in our house! It’s Halloween, a chance to dress up as something scary and fill up on sugar….and that’s just me 🙂 The thought of Halloween has Bam bouncing around the house and everywhere else, eyes filled with excitement, running everywhere with limitless amounts of energy.

Don’t get me wrong it’s exhausting for us but with the same token I love watching him, wishing I had some of his energy, wishing our life was filled with excitement from morning to night. What a way to live, maybe I should take a leaf out of his book and embrace all the good things in life with renewed energy.

So as the most exciting time of the year approaches – don’t worry I won’t mention the ‘C’ word yet, our house prepares for a few weeks of full on excitement. Over the years I’ve learnt that I most certainly can’t beat him (he has youth on his side when it comes to energy) so this year I will definitely be joining him! Let the preparations begin….jingle bells, jingle bells

santa claus singing clipart