Santa, we’re ready for you!

The festivities are well and truly upon us! I can safely say that our house is full to bursting with excitement. In fact it’s so exciting it’s almost a little bit uncontrollable!

As the environment changes around us from grey skies and leaves falling off trees to one filled with Christmas trees, flashing lights and mince pies, Bam’s excitement levels reach an all time high.

I’ve been here before, we know it’s coming! This year I decided to be a little bit more organised so I could embrace Christmas with him and not fall into the trap of having loads to do while his energy levels are so high –  well I tried and I still am trying!  Christmas presents have been bought, cards are bought and some have been written, the tree is up and I’m almost on top of everything school and club Christmas related! There’s constantly a carol service, Christmas play even a Christmas sing along!! When I say on top of this, it’s definitely a one day at a time thing, anything more than that then there is a serious chance it could all get a little bit messy!

So in my attempt to embrace Christmas, I thought I’d try and keep up with Bam’s excitement levels! So…..

…….when he walked into the town centre in November, saw the Christmas lights and started leaping around in a twirling motion – I expressed how exciting it was and how Christmas is on its way!

……When I caught Bam saying ‘I love Christmas’ in an excited whisper to himself, I smiled.

….When I caught him watching TV at 3.30am in the morning in the lounge because he was too excited to sleep, I gently coaxed him back to bed! On the plus side he was very well informed about the world news and weather – I guess there isn’t anything else on the TV at the time in the morning?!

……And when I saw the excitement literally attempting to burst out of him when we put the Christmas tree up, I looked at my husband and giggled!

Everyday the excitement is building, I’m trying to keep up with his constant bubble of energy! With two weeks to go, I feel like my energy levels are declining but I’m determined….there’s always boxing day for snoozing!



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