Coffee anyone?

I’m sitting looking at a cup of coffee, a coffee that I have bought but didn’t want – I’m not a cappuccino lover. Somebody had other ideas, somebody decided to press the coffee dispensing buttons resulting in me doing some kind of ninja move to quickly grab a cup to catch the hot liquid that was about to come flooding out of the machine. Luckily my ninja moves are good otherwise an unfortunate incident could have occurred.

From that day forward I resigned myself to the fact that ADHD and cafes probably aren’t a good combination. When you struggle to focus mealtimes are tricky. I know this, so why did I think a cafe on my own with two kids was a good idea?

Why then did I make the decision a few weeks later to go back? It’s like giving birth, you forget most of it apart from the good bits. Everyone’s fed, no washing up – but at what price?

So I find myself sitting in the cafe again, this time avoiding any coffee machine dramas. Instead, this time I find myself wondering how mash potato has made it’s way across the cafe. Well, I know how it made it across the cafe – it was catapulted via a fork. Somebody decided it wasn’t the best tasting mash in the world so decided to get rid!

It’s something that will always be tricky, I’m not sure what the answer is – no going out for tea on my own with the kids? Finding an activity to do during dinner? Reins 🙂

May be he has a future career as a chef – at least he won’t get fed up waiting for his food and he can cook it exactly how he likes it?


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