Thanks for stopping by. As you may have guessed  I’m lucky enough to be a mum to two gorgeous boys meaning  I’m the outnumbered one – toilet seats in the house are always up, fridge is always empty and our house is full of energy, noise and mess! Yes, most days I feel like I’m walking on the moon in my house trying to avoid the cars, lego etc!

I certainly wouldn’t change a thing but in an attempt to escape the madness I thought I would blog about my life with the boys! I also live in hope that one day my boys will want to look through my blog and reminisce with me, possibly that’s wishful thinking!

One of my boys has epilepsy and ADHD so I’m hoping to raise awareness of these conditions along the way. If anybody has any tips on living with epilepsy and/or ADHD, they will be gratefully received!

Always happy to hear from you: nikki@slugsandsnailstales.com




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