Exciting times!

When you are eight years old…

Life is exciting….

Life is fun….

Life is full of boundless opportunities….

That’s the way it should be, that’s what childhood is all about. I remember coming to the realisation in my teens that the world may not be as kind as I had originally thought. As your general awareness grows your perception of the world and the people in it changes. That’s why we often long to relive our childhood. We all want to be free from worry, to be care free.

When you have ADHD the world is even more exciting than it may be for a child of a similar age – in his eyes he’s invincible, he lives in the moment.

So this weekend we have had lots of excitement in our house! It’s Halloween, a chance to dress up as something scary and fill up on sugar….and that’s just me 🙂 The thought of Halloween has Bam bouncing around the house and everywhere else, eyes filled with excitement, running everywhere with limitless amounts of energy.

Don’t get me wrong it’s exhausting for us but with the same token I love watching him, wishing I had some of his energy, wishing our life was filled with excitement from morning to night. What a way to live, maybe I should take a leaf out of his book and embrace all the good things in life with renewed energy.

So as the most exciting time of the year approaches – don’t worry I won’t mention the ‘C’ word yet, our house prepares for a few weeks of full on excitement. Over the years I’ve learnt that I most certainly can’t beat him (he has youth on his side when it comes to energy) so this year I will definitely be joining him! Let the preparations begin….jingle bells, jingle bells

santa claus singing clipart


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