And all before 8am………

Hubby is away on business, I wake to the sound of both of my children playing happily. Bliss…….then I hear water running, hmmm, not so blissful. So I shout from my bed ‘boys, what are you doing?’ ‘Don’t worry Mum, we’re sorting it’ Ah, that’s ok then, they’re sorting it…..(currently becoming slightly more awake) ‘sortingContinue reading “And all before 8am………”

Meet the ‘Amazing Bam!’

There’s never a dull moment with Bam in the house! He’s like that character ‘Taz’ – you know the Tasmanian devil character that spins around really fast leaving a trail of destruction in his path. Bam enters a room and manages to turn it upside down in seconds, it really is quite amazing to watch!Continue reading “Meet the ‘Amazing Bam!’”