And all before 8am………

Hubby is away on business, I wake to the sound of both of my children playing happily. Bliss…….then I hear water running, hmmm, not so blissful. So I shout from my bed ‘boys, what are you doing?’ ‘Don’t worry Mum, we’re sorting it’ Ah, that’s ok then, they’re sorting it…..(currently becoming slightly more awake) ‘sorting what exactly’ ‘It’s alright Mum’ OK so they are both talking to me, clearly nobody is hurt, do I really need to tear myself away from my oh so very comfortable bed?

Water is still running…..right, NEED TO MOVE….ok, I’m up and switching into Mummy mode. ‘Right boys, what’s going on?’ ‘Umm, we’ve been playing with pens – we’ve drawn on each other and then put another colour on top to see what colours we can make?!’ Quite the little scientists! Unfortunately they had used non washable pens and were now therefore covered in green/brown. My smallest child exclaiming that blue and yellow make green, well at least they had learnt something from their little experiment.

So, I soak their hands in warm water, a bit of soap, pens picked up from the floor and we go downstairs for breakfast. So aside from the normal, madness of breakfast it went quite smoothly this morning – cheerios in both bowls, apple juice in cups. Mops grabs his cheerios and heads into the dining room, only to be knocked by Bam, who had decided it’s a good idea to run around the house. Cheerios everywhere – luckily Mops doesn’t have milk! Both boys then instructed to please clear up the cheerios and put them in the bin.

Right, so I get my breakfast into a bowl to hear the sound of giggling coming from the lounge. What are the monkeys up to now. I grab my bowl and head to the lounge to find Bam using his car launcher (you know the ones that launch cars around a plastic track) to launch cheerios all over the lounge. Ok, so by this time, I might be getting a little fed up…come on it’s not even a reasonable hour yet. So, plastic car launcher gets picked up and put outside….children told to sit at the table and eat, I’m clearing up cheerios off the floor.

Breakfast finally done, now for brushing teeth. Off goes Bam – Mops held back on purpose because they find it impossible to brush their teeth at the same time without some kind of drama. 5 minutes later Mops and I head up the stairs – has Bam brushed his teeth? Of course not, he’s been busy….busy brushing his rubber lizard’s teeth. Great so I have a rubber lizard with shiny bright teeth and two boys with breakfast breath….. Please tell me it’s nearly time for school? Oh no it’s not even 8am yet….


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