Brotherly love!

Among the usual breakfast mayhem, Bam suddenly just stops in his tracks! Unfortunately he was having a vacant seizure. Then Mops pipes up ‘Was that a seizure Bam’ To which Bam went ‘yes’. Yes, the word seizure unfortunately is a normal word in our house so much so our 4 year just casually asks his brother if he’s experiencing a seizure.

It then prompted me to think ‘what would Mops do if his brother had a seizure and I wasn’t in the immediate vicinity’ So I thought I would ask the question. To which his response was ‘I would rescue him’  Ah, what a lovely response but how on earth would a four year old rescue his bigger brother! Again I asked the question, the response……wait for it….I’d call Mum? No, not the answer he gave. I’d run to get help, again not the answer he gave. The answer was ‘I’d get my rescue helicopter!’ Of course why didn’t I think of that! Love the way children can can make you roar with laughter even when the topic of conversation is something so serious. Love them 🙂


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