Negative end of a battery

So spent the evening cleaning and tidying the house…..tidy house, tidy mind is how I roll. Go to bed happy 🙂

Early hours of the morning I hear Bam surface from his pit. The familiar sound of him stumbling down his mid sleeper cabin bed stairs, into the bathroom (for you know what) and then the dragging of his duvet down the stairs.

It’s so early I don’t always hear him but this morning I did and I sighed knowing he would be snuggled up watching TV when I finally decided to move.

So when I do get up and head downstairs I find the lounge in utter chaos. I mean stuff absolutely everywhere. I’m sure he had emptied the contents of the playroom into the lounge – cars, lego, drawing, crayons. How did he manage to make soooooo much mess. To top it off I walked into the kitchen to find he had helped himself to his breakfast. Clearly the floor was hungry too – rice pops everywhere.

So it would be fair to say I was a little bit cross, just a little bit… I might have every so slightly expressed my crossness! To be fair he did hear me out…

And then just very calmly says ‘Mum, why are you like the negative end of a battery’

I’ll never know where he gets his sayings from but I love them and they always make me smile – even though my mantra of ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ may need to change….


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