ADHD medication – friend or foe?

SONY DSCHow do you go about making the really difficult decision about whether or not to put your son on ADHD medication?

It’s something that we have grappled with for a long time (over a year) Doctors at the hospital have recommended it a few times but we have confidently declined. It feels like admitting defeat, does it mean we can’t cope as parents?

Then a lovely nurse at the hospital made us think about things differently and totally changed our perspective on things. Up until now we were thinking, well we can manage and he’s managing at school so why would we go down the medication route?

Then she made us think about it from a different perspective. She said it’s very likely he’s struggling at school to listen. He’s probably fighting every day to be good at school. So we asked him. He told us how he did have to try really really hard to listen and be a good boy. He told us how he misses out on learning things because he simply doesn’t hear the teacher. Every day is a struggle for him…Does this mean we can make his school life easier?

So with a heavy heart we have decided to give it a trial. Could this be what he needs to be the best that he can be at school? Will it change him in other ways? Will his bubbling personality change? All questions we’ll have to wait to find out the answer to. We love you Bam and want the very best for you xxx


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