Meet ‘Marvelous Mops’

SONY DSCOK, so I guess from title you’re thinking ‘of course she’s going to say that, she’s his Mum’ So let me give you an insight into why my boy is so ‘Marvelous’

He has this amazing personality – kind, loving, friendly and this really deep voice. Way too deep for his age, people have asked me if he has a sore throat when he’s talking normally 🙂 So he’s gorgeous all the way through. He makes me proud every day. What I really want to share with you today is how he deals with his brother. Bam has ADHD, Mop’s has never known any different and therefore has an amazing way with his brother.

So typically with speaking to a person with ADHD, you have to repeat yourself a few times before you get a response! Mop’s knows how to get a response – he simply walks up to his brother, right there in his face and says ‘Bam, would you like a drink’ Simple really, so why do I waste endless hours calling from the kitchen?!?

He’s constantly showing his love for his brother. Only a few weeks ago Bam was getting frustrated because he couldn’t get his top off. He was really upset. Mop’s just strokes his arm and tells him everything is going to be ok. How does he know that by touching him he’ll get this attention and calm him down. He’s really marvelous and an extremely loving chap. While I spend hours thinking about the best way to get Bam’s attention, Mops has it nailed!


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