Becoming 4 years old!

This weekend we celebrated Mops 4th birthday! Oh to be 4 again, jumping up and down with excitement as a pack of hot wheels cars is opened! When asked what’s been the best part of your birthday he answers ‘the party bags!’ Of course, there’s nothing more exciting than4th birthday blog a party bag when you are 4, is there?

Children’s birthdays are always a time for Mums to reminisce. I always think about their birth as I’m sure lots of Mums do and tell them little stories of day they were born. Mops’s birth was long, very long and ended in an emergency c-section. The thing that most stands out for me was the moment when they pulled him out of my tummy (c-section) and said ‘wow, he’s going to be a 10lb baby’ and yes, he was nearly that, 9lb 8 1/2 oz.

So as he moves into his 5th year I watch with wonder as he grows into a handsome, loving, funny, laid back chap. Happy birthday baby boy, hopefully this year won’t be as quick as the last one but somehow I have a feeling that it’ll be gone in the blink of an eye! xxx


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