Coffee anyone?

I’m sitting looking at a cup of coffee, a coffee that I have bought but didn’t want – I’m not a cappuccino lover. Somebody had other ideas, somebody decided to press the coffee dispensing buttons resulting in me doing some kind of ninja move to quickly grab a cup to catch the hot liquid thatContinue reading “Coffee anyone?”

Exciting times!

When you are eight years old… Life is exciting…. Life is fun…. Life is full of boundless opportunities…. That’s the way it should be, that’s what childhood is all about. I remember coming to the realisation in my teens that the world may not be as kind as I had originally thought.¬†As your general awarenessContinue reading “Exciting times!”

The summer hols have landed…………..!!

The summer holidays have officially landed in our house….I love having my boys at home, sharing precious moments that will become fond memories when they (and indeed I) are older. However, when Bam is home, it means 24/7 entertainment. OK, so I’m exaggerating, he does sleep, but only for about 7 of those hours….How doContinue reading “The summer hols have landed…………..!!”

Preparing for battle…

Tonight I’m preparing for battle or at least that’s how it feels. Any parent understands that sometimes you have to go into battle for your child. In whatever shape or form that takes, it’s inevitable that it WILL happen. I’m a fairly quiet person that tends to put other people’s happiness before my own thereforeContinue reading “Preparing for battle…”

Erm, not very good for the environment?

On a bright sunny, yes sunny, day we head to a beautiful country village with some friends. We had a lovely day with the children running through fields, rolling down hills and paddling in streams. Following a lovely picnic, we head to the gorgeous village pub for a drink (not an alcoholic one, although laterContinue reading “Erm, not very good for the environment?”