Braving the storm..

Tonight I stood in the rain and wind while Mops played football. Not just light rain and a breeze. Rain lashing down and big gusts of wind! So much so I ended up wrestling the brolly for most of the hour wondering if I should just give up and let the elements win!

A few times the brolly flew inside out narrowly missing the other lovely parents watching their respective offspring. I did wonder if at one point I may have a Mary Poppins moment and fly off!! Momentarily this captured my thoughts – it could be quite good fun to fly like Mary Poppins!

Sadly my feet stayed on the ground, no flying for me, although my brolly will be flying towards a bin as it fought one too many battle with the wind!

Mops on the other hand was having the best time, he barely noticed the weather, he just played, smiled and laughed! I love that Mops and Bam aren’t perturbed by the English elements..outdoor fun no matter what the weather throws at us!

Mops, one day, when you are a professional footballer (as I know you hope to be!) I’ll look back on these days and smile! My only request is to please make sure you buy your Mum seats in a nice dry viewing box or at the very least a new sturdy brolly!


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