Super powers…

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a week on holiday with my boys and enjoyed some proper family time. Away from the laptop, household chores and the general routine of life.

Whilst on holiday I was really struck by the boundless amount of energy Bam has. I know he has always had lots of energy but after spending a week with him it’s clear that boy is actually a Duracell bunny!

I watched him effortlessly climb large sand dunes in hot temperatures whilst the rest of us plod up the dunes, resting along the way!

I have watched him climb a small mountain in minutes. We’re still at the bottom while he’s nearing the top.

I have watched him run over and over into the waves, jumping each one enthusiastically.

And, whilst the rest of us have taken advantage of a lay in, he’s up pottering around eager to start his day.

I’m in awe of the energy that he has and I hope in the future he uses it wisely. It’s a super power that if used well could be a platform to a successful future.

ADHD – the bright side

We often hear of the challenges of raising a child with ADHD but what are the positives? Here’s my top 5…

  1. Boundless amounts of energy. Energy for running, energy for exploring outdoors and energy for helping Mum (well, he may have the energy for helping Mum but it may not always materialise!) Bam does run with me. I love having him as my running buddy, we really enjoy our running chats – although he is able to chat a lot more than me! We also both share a love of the outdoors. Bam loves climbing trees, exploring and camping. Move over Bear Grylls.
  2. Lots of fun and humour! There are plenty of opportunities to let loose and just roll with the chaotic lifestyle that we lead.
  3. In-depth knowledge on a few topics of interest. Bam reads lots of fascinating fact books – from the Guinness book of records to books on planet earth. He’s an avid reader of books at night so much so that whilst changing his duvet the other day I managed to find 14 fact books buried in there -not sure how he finds the room to sleep. He’d make a great addition to a quiz team I’m sure.
  4. Creative. Bam has the most amazing adventures. He doesn’t just go for a walk in the woods – it’s a bear hunt, a Gruffalo hunt, a  pirate adventure. The list is endless.
  5. Last, but most certainly not least, one of the absolutely best things about my boy is he’s absolutely oozing with love. He has the most wonderful caring side that when revealed it totally and utterly melts your heart!

There are many more positives too…I’m proud of Bam and everything he achieves. I have high hopes for that boy. After all,  Albert Einstein is reported to have had ADHD!


Coffee anyone?

I’m sitting looking at a cup of coffee, a coffee that I have bought but didn’t want – I’m not a cappuccino lover. Somebody had other ideas, somebody decided to press the coffee dispensing buttons resulting in me doing some kind of ninja move to quickly grab a cup to catch the hot liquid that was about to come flooding out of the machine. Luckily my ninja moves are good otherwise an unfortunate incident could have occurred.

From that day forward I resigned myself to the fact that ADHD and cafes probably aren’t a good combination. When you struggle to focus mealtimes are tricky. I know this, so why did I think a cafe on my own with two kids was a good idea?

Why then did I make the decision a few weeks later to go back? It’s like giving birth, you forget most of it apart from the good bits. Everyone’s fed, no washing up – but at what price?

So I find myself sitting in the cafe again, this time avoiding any coffee machine dramas. Instead, this time I find myself wondering how mash potato has made it’s way across the cafe. Well, I know how it made it across the cafe – it was catapulted via a fork. Somebody decided it wasn’t the best tasting mash in the world so decided to get rid!

It’s something that will always be tricky, I’m not sure what the answer is – no going out for tea on my own with the kids? Finding an activity to do during dinner? Reins 🙂

May be he has a future career as a chef – at least he won’t get fed up waiting for his food and he can cook it exactly how he likes it?

The summer hols have landed…………..!!

SONY DSCThe summer holidays have officially landed in our house….I love having my boys at home, sharing precious moments that will become fond memories when they (and indeed I) are older.

However, when Bam is home, it means 24/7 entertainment. OK, so I’m exaggerating, he does sleep, but only for about 7 of those hours….How do you keep a child with attention deficit entertained in the holidays? Any tips that don’t require me burning out would be appreciated!?

After one day of the holidays which included a trip to the theatre, the park, swimming and dentist, I’m feeling tired….but he’s got more energy than ever….the thought of 6 weeks off from school creating additional excitement.

Hmmm, might need to take a week off work in September to recover!

Preparing for battle…

Tonight I’m preparing for battle or at least that’s how it feels. Any parent understands that sometimes you have to go into battle for your child. In whatever shape or form that takes, it’s inevitable that it WILL happen. I’m a fairly quiet person that tends to put other people’s happiness before my own therefore avoiding confrontation (not always the best approach but a difficult habit to change). So when I need to confront an issue for my child I find it hard but it doesn’t put me off…


Having a child with special needs means I have quite a few battles to fight. From being persistent when trying to get hold of a doctor to speaking to the school about the support he needs. Tomorrow is the latter – I am attending a meeting with the school nurse and two other members of staff to discuss Bam’s progress.

Why does it feel like a battle? I think it’s because nobody knows him like I do – I know that boy inside out. Everyone else sees a slightly different side to him making it really difficult for us to reach a mutual agreement on the support he needs. So it’s up to me to make sure he gets what he needs so he can be the best that he can be…..Tomorrow let the force be with me……