Love at flower sight!

I’m sure everyone can relate to that scenario where you may have just spent a little bit too much time enjoying a rare cuppa?! Meaning you have to quickly rush your little one out of the door otherwise you’ll be late for something. So on sport’s day Moo and I have a spare hour as preschool was starting slightly later. I decided to use the time wisely and do all of the housework, ironing etc!! Hmm, that was in the plan in my head in reality I actually sat down with a cuppa.

So I left it a tiny bit too late to leave but still had just enough time to spare. I usher Moo out the door when I spot a van blocking our drive. Why does that always happen? The amount of times I get blocked by the dustbin vehicles etc when I really need those extra precious minutes. This is my penance for not doing the housework!

This time though, it was a good obstruction, I realised this when the driver got out holding a lovely bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Moo is observing this from the driveway, looking very thoughtful and then very composed says  ‘Mummy, is that man in love with you?’

It did make me chuckle! Don’t you just love how children’s minds work? Oh and just for clarification, the flowers were from my lovely hubby not from the driver of the garden centre van…


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