Roll out the red carpet

I was very honoured and thankful to receive an invite to the Young Epilepsy awards.Young Epilepsy very kindly invited Bam and I along to the evening of celebration at the Globe theatre in London. It was a perfect setting for such a special event.

Each of the nominees shared their reasons behind their nominations via a video clip. Every story was filled with love, bravery and lots more love. Every one of the nominated individuals were an inspiration,  I found myself welling up at every video clip that was played.

What really struck me was the amount of times I heard people say ‘I can’t believe I’ve been nominated for an award…I’m just doing my job or I’m just being a husband, dad, mum etc’

But they’re not, they’re doing so much more than that, they’re changing and improving lives for young people with epilepsy.

Bam also found the event extremely inspiring. The next day he went to school and arranged an assembly on epilepsy. Thanks to this event, he feels empowered to share details of his condition, to continue to raise awareness.

I’m really proud to guest blog for such a fantastic charity, a charity that we have already lent on a few times and one that I know Bam will feel very comfortable to contact in the future. Well done guys xxx


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