Top ten tips for living in a household of boys……..

ladsI’m lucky enough to share my home with 3 boys, one 4 year old, one 8 year old and one 41 year old. Here’s my top tips on living with a household of boys……

1. Remember to check the toilet for signs of boys every time you visit the loo. This is essential as it’s not pleasant to find you are sitting on a wet toilet seat or in extreme cases find that you have a wet foot when you visit the loo….ewwww! Yes my foot was immersed in an unpleasant puddle the other day.
2. Adjust your accepted level of noise. Boys are noisy, indoors and outdoors, FACT!
3. Purchase lots of cleaning products for your bathroom (see point 1) They attract mud everyday, it’s drawn to them, there will always be a ring of dirt and grime around your bath following every bath time session.
4. Learn about football. With more than one boy in the house it is very likely that football will form a significant part of the conversation within your household. Whose the best player, the best teams etc. There’s supposed to be a football season but I have learnt over the years that this is just a rumour – football is in our lives all year round!
5. Be prepared to share your house with lego as well as your boys…lego is everywhere, in your hoover, in your car, in your shoes, in every room of the house. There’s always a piece of lego lurking!
6. Flatulence is funny, it’s funny whether you are a boy of 4 or a boy of 41! Think nothing of 3 boys rolling around with laughter due to a bottom burp!
7. Your food shopping bill will increase dramatically. They eat and eat and eat…..the phrase ‘Mum I’m hungry’ is used frequently throughout the day.
8.Your washing machine will be on constantly. It amazing how they can be in clean clothes and then 30 seconds later look like you have dragged a t-shirt from their dirty washing basket.
9. Let them out once a day. They need to burn energy, they need fresh air. Spending a day at home isn’t an option, they need to be free to run for a good period of time per day.
10. Conversation is limited ‘good day at school?’ normally returns the response ‘yep’. Hmmm, not leaving me much to go on there boys!

But of course I wouldn’t be without any of them. Since the birth of my boys I have done things I never thought I would do from getting back on a bike after 10 year to going to a football match (and really enjoyed it, shh!) and I always have an opinion on whether my bum does indeed look big or not in that new outfit. Life has changed for me and I love it, thanks boys! xxx


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